Half my screen is bugging out:

Are you one of the iPhone6s or iPhone6s-plus user and suffering from iPhone 6 screen horizontal and vertical lines problem i.e. your screen is showing some vertical and horizontal lines? If this is the case with you, then go and repair it from a certified shop or at home. At home? Really? Well, yeah, you can actually repair your iPhone6s at your own home even if it looks a complex task to repair it but it’s quite simple to handle this type of problem. Today, we are going to share some easy steps with you to fix the problem of iPhone screen horizontal colored lines which are generated due to some sort of software or hardware problems of your device. As you turn on your iPhone, you see lines running on half of the screen which actually disturbs you. Sometimes these lines are so thick and large in number that they cover the whole screen of your iPhone 6 and you only see lines on your screen which are very annoying when you want to use your device in an emergency case. Your iPhone is your status but when this status gets corrupted, then you need to fix it like a pro.

Why do lines come?

Firstly let’s just start with a point that from where these lines come from? Here is the answer for this. Your iPhone’s screen may show lines because of the two problems. One is the software problem and the other one is the hardware problem. While talking about the software problem, it is clear that your iPhone 6 screen horizontal lines problem or unresponsive screen problem is due to the corruption in the software of the device. This problem can only be fixed by installing new software, which is a task of your certified dealer and please make sure that you don’t try to fix it by yourself at home if your iPhone is having a software problem. But if your iPhone is showing vertical or horizontal lines due to a hardware problem then it can be cured at home easily. Now, the question arises that how you will come to know that your iPhone is having screen problem due to which factor, either due to a software issue or hardware issue? It’s very simple to check. Use the latter methods (which will be discussed later in this article), if it works then it’s quite clear that your iPhone was suffering from a hardware problem but if the latter methods don’t work then you better visit a customer-care center.

How to fix this problem:

There are actually two methods in order to go ahead and solve this issue. We will be dealing with both the two methods and will teach you how to execute these methods to solve this issue, just read this till the end and get stuck to it because this is going to fix your iPhone back to its original state.

  1. Hard Restart:

The very first method is to “hard restart” your device. It is important to mention that this method doesn’t work for acute screen problems, but it might work fluently if your iPhone’s screen is having normal lines issue. Basically, you are going to restart your device by holding and pressing the power button (which is at the top) and the home button (which is at the bottom), simultaneously. You are not going to restart it by choosing the restart option from the settings. You just need to ‘hard restart’ it. Keep pressing these two for 10 seconds and release them when you see the Apple logo. Once the hard restart process is done, your device will hopefully run smoothly without showing horizontal and vertical lines. If it didn’t work, don’t worry! We still have one method to try.

  1. Operating iPhone:

The following method will troubleshoot the issue of horizontal and vertical lines. In this method, we are going to operate iPhone 6 professionally but make sure you follow all the steps carefully and gently deal with every wire and connection. Now, without wasting further time, let’s get started. Firstly, take all the following tools that you will need during the operation of your iPhone:

-Pentalobe-screwdriver (5-star screwdriver)

– Suction cup

-Regular/normal screwdriver

-Pry tool

Now, take your device and open it by opening two screws which at the bottom of your iPhone 6s by using pentalobe screwdriver. These screws are so tiny that they can be easily lost, so make sure that you place them at a safe place. Now, as you have removed the screws, place the suction cup right in the middle of the screen and push it downwards so that the air comes out of it and vacuum is created. Once it’s done, pull up the suction cup and you will see a gap at the bottom of the device. This gap is in between the screen and the rest of the body of the device. Insert the pry tool into the gap and start moving it throughout the boundary of the iPhone and make sure that you don’t lift the top end up by pry tool but, for the rest of the body of iPhone, it’s ok that the pry tool is keep lifting up the screen. After the screen is lifted up and is detached with the boundaries, lift the screen up from the bottom end while keeping the top end of your iPhone on its place. Don’t try to pull up your screen suddenly so that the connections may be disturbed.

Make sure that you pull the screen up to the perpendicular state, don’t bend it too much. At the top right corner of the circuit that you will see, there are 5 screws holding a plate. Unscrew them and also, remove the plate. Make sure that you place the screws separately because, at the end, you will screw them back on their original places. Note: Don’t put, let’s say, screw-1 on the place of screw-2 or screw-3. You will see 4 thin cables under the plate which actually gives power to the screen. Pull up all these 4 cables by placing your nail on the edge of the cables and place them back and you will listen a ‘crack’ sound which is an indicator that your cables are now at their places. You are done! Actually, due to some reasons, these cables become loose and interrupts the display of your screen. Now, reassemble the whole device by placing screws on their place.

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